Wills, Trusts & Estates

It is human nature to elude contemplating and planning for death.

Most people are extremely nervous and anxious about determining the distribution of assets, appointing a guardian for a minor child, and tax implications while contemplating death.

Even people who realize the importance of proper planning often don’t have a proper plan in place.

Without an estate plan in place, state laws dictate who the beneficiaries of your estate are without any regard to the individual’s wishes. But most importantly, if you die without a will, many unintended consequences may occur, for example, unfavorable tax consequences or unintended beneficiaries.

Further, for those who do have a will in place, there may be circumstances or tax implications that may have changed. For example, a relationship may have changed with a beneficiary, additional children may have been born, or tax thresholds for the calculation of estate taxes may have changed.

Of course, not everyone’s plan is going to be the same, as people have differing assets, stages of life, and objectives and goals. Our firm’s representation makes you feel comfortable and educated during the complicated process of formulating a plan. In addition to a will, other documents, such as, a trust, deed transfer, power of attorney, or health care directive, may be requested to complete an individual’s wishes.

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