Landlord-Tenant Agreements

A well drafted lease agreement can save you much time and expense while entering a residential or commercial space.

Certain provisions inserted into a lease by a landlord or tenant may cause substantial cost to you when a dispute arises. We negotiate lease agreements on your behalf to obtain the best results possible.

Whether you own a two family home where you depend on the income to help pay for your mortgage or you are an investor of a multiple dwelling, it is extremely frustrating when a tenant stops paying rent or breaches a provision of a lease. Even more frustrating is a system that seems to favor tenants. The Law office of Paul A. Sarcona, PC represents landlords in the eviction process such that their rights are enforced properly against a Tenant.

Despite a system that is designed to favor tenant and delay the process, our firm offers the most efficient representation with affordable fees. Contact us with a free consultation to discuss your landlord-tenant issue.